Latest Testimonials

S. W.

Thank you again for the workshop, I am in love with this method of expression and see why your work has an emotional depth, and strong visual appeal.
I felt like I was on a women’s retreat to some extent, there was space to be honest and just who we are; I enjoyed how focused everyone was,
how personal it felt, and what we shared in conversation seemed to be reflected in the work.
The feedback sharing time was also, so wonderful.
I love being in that process with people.

Your teaching style is perfect to me. I appreciate how non-rushed you are, just calmly going about it.
I loved the demonstrations, and so much space for exploration,  with suggestions and encouragements.

Your daughter was a true gift, and I fear I didn’t express that to her very well. Lindsey was a joy really, you work well together, the intimacy and mutual respect you have for each other were lovely to see.
And I appreciated she got around to each of us frequently to see what we need or how to help with the process.

I felt exhausted but also serene from being in your home and studio. The integration of art and nature is so appealing and inspiring.
Encaustics is like sharing a dream sequence, made visual for others to see, especially I think because the layers of wax have this dreamy depth perception, automatically takes on an ethereal quality, like you said, they’re stories being told. Each piece we made, even the most abstract that Kathryn created, conjures images we all resonated with, what fun.

Thank you for creating an atmosphere where a beginner can be in a group of well established artists, and not feel out of place.
Thank you for that. I was probably the least trained there, was nervous at first about being in a workshop like this, but you set us all at ease about where we are, experienced or not. Molten wax is different and takes time to get to know; and rushing the process is not wise unless you’re open to the improvisation on the canvas. My “earthy piece” frustrated me because I was hurrying, time flew yesterday. Forcing the process made mud I was not happy

When I was choreograhing, this was how the process was as well, rushing had two effects, it either worked really really well, or made mud. And what’s lovely in the expressive arts is, what’s going on behind what you see. That story, or sense of a story, that one person might read one way, and another sees it another; may not be what was going on for the artist at all. So, this really comes through and appeals to me, is part of the gift to the audience and art appreciator. They are invited to bring who they are in that moment, to that moment of viewing. It’s magic stuff. Lastly, We stood on our feet for two days, not noticing too much, that is a testament to how engaged we were, and how much fun that was.

J. S.

“I want to thank you for giving our class so much-technical expertise, your many materials and resources, and your wonderful enthusiasm for encaustic. At time I’ve felt a period of hitting a plateau with my artwork and this class truly reinvigorated me. I was also touched by your true generous spirit-it meant a lot.

I look forward to exploring more encaustic with you! Thanks again Terry!”


“We are so excited about all your progress.  It does not surprise us as you’re so obviously super talented.  We will be looking forward to taking classes from you so please keep us posted.  After watching you interact with all of us that day at Open Studios as an artist, teacher and so willing to share and teach your techniques.  We always felt that certification or no certification you would be an awesome teacher!

“Art can be intimidating to the non artist and your friendliness and super talent really gave us confidence that we at least could try this.  John bought the equipment and experimented but we have not gone far.  I’ve been so busy that I’ve been mainly the critiquer. I’m a recipe follower so taking lessons will give me confidence.  John has more of the artist creativity to experiment so he has been enjoying.

“We will definitely come see you at Open Studios and really look forward to seeing you and your gorgeous art and beautifully curated home.  We also look forward to taking some classes from you.  Please keep us posted.”


Thank you for providing a welcoming and safe environment for me to play with paint.  It was a wonderful weekend and on this rainy day, I wish I had a set up at home to continue this little adventure.  I love the clip of Mel McCuddin -he seems to have perfected the act of  letting go!  It was interesting how he likened his process to finding figures in the clouds-I’m a swimmer and this morning as I swam backstroke looking up at the sky-finding dynamic images in the sky and thinking how it was like the paint I worked with yesterday.  It all kind of sends chills down my back!

Nancy Crawford’s project was also inspiring and I was impressed with how many of the techniques she used we learned from you over the weekend!  What a fun project-unified by love and gratitude! I want to do that!

Last, your home and studio is fabulous-and what a pleasure it was to have everything so organized, accessible and comfortable with lovely Lindsay attending to every need.  I loved being able to see so many examples of your work, too. All in all, I’m so glad I made the leap-and signed up for a class-with a name I could barely even pronounce!

With love and gratitude!